Instructions for Model "B"

First thing we need to do is to screw on the M4 Nyloc nut onto the top of the core spark plug.  Now we have to screw the core plug into the AVPlug base.  The photo on the right show this stage completed.  Place copper anti-seize paste on the threaded section of your core plug and screw it into the AVPlug base,  torque to 9 foot pounds.  

The next stage is to screw in the top of the AVPlug into the base of the AVPlug.  

Place copper anti-seize paste on the threaded section of your top AVPlug threaded section and screw it into the AVPlug base, torque to 9 foot pounds.

Now that we have prepared all the AVPlugs required for your installation.  Now it is time to install the AVPlug on the your engine, this is done the same way as any spark plug installation on an engine is done.   

Place the copper washer on the base threaded part of the AVPlug, then place copper anti-seize paste on the threaded section of the base threaded part and now screw into top of cylinder (Jug) of the engine.   

The torque setting is the same as for any spark plug installed on your engine, this torque setting may be found in your engine manual.

The last step is to connect all the ignition high tension leads to the top of the AVPlug.

Hear are 3 long sockets you will need to complete an AVPlug installation. 

1.  1/2 inch with 1/4 drive to torque the core plug.

2.  3/4 inch with 3/8 inch drive to torque AVPlug top to base. 

3.  7/8 inch with 3/8 drive to torque AVPlug to cylinder (Jug) of engine.

Please Note: The ( 2.  3/4 inch with 3/8 inch drive to torque AVPlug top to base. ) may not fit on ( Model "B" ), so we suggest using a 3/4 inch crows foot 3/8 inch  drive or use a 3/4 inch spanner.

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